The UK’s most affordable university towns (Infographic)

The UK's most affordable university towns (Infographic)

Degrees don’t come cheap. This data-heavy infographic from TotallyMoney ranks the 50 most affordable university towns throughout the UK. They’ve gone all out and factored in everything a self-respecting student might wish to splash their parents hard-earned cash on, from the bare necessities of rent, pints, coffee and kebabs to the more privileged expenditures such as cinema tickets, gym membership, meals and cabs.


  • Cheapest weekly rent: £54 (East Anglia)
  • Cheapest gym membership: £10 (Nottingham)
  • Cheapest cinema ticket: £6.00 (Oxford)
  • Cheapest coffee: £2.00 (York)
  • Cheapest meal: £9.00 (Sussex and Belfast)
  • Cheapest pint: £1.99 (Keele)
  • Cheapest cab: £3.50 (Nottingham)
  • Most expensive rent: £169 (Royal Holloway)
  • Most expensive gym membership: £68 (York)
  • Most expensive cinema ticket: £12.00 (Leeds and Buckingham)
  • Most expensive coffee: £4.00 (Buckingham)
  • Most expensive meal: £35 (Buckingham)
  • Most expensive pint: £3.85 (University College, Imperial College, LSE, SOAS and King’s College, London)
  • Most expensive cab: £43 (Royal Holloway)

There’s plenty of data to pour over, so print it out and take it to your local along with a calculator. Or you could always just save yourself the bother and head to Keele where pints come in at just £1.99. Mine’s a stout.

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